Why Faust Management Assessments are Unique:

Descriptive: Provide information relative to important concepts or principles to help people understand where their business is.

Predictive: The concepts and related data have value in predicting important future phenomena or the future success of the organization.

Prescriptive: The data provideds specific information about what the organization can do and a prescription for change and improvement.


These assessment tools are paired with powerful analysis, team building and problem-solving strategies that create consensus on key priorities, build energy and an action plan for the future.


Diagnosis: More than just an assessment

Need a way to start your Drive to Prime, to energize your company, launch a new era or strategic-planning session or just facilitate a great discussion? Try a diagnosis: a process of data collection, analysis, insight and action planning.


  • Understanding of Where Your Organization Is
  • Energy for Change
  • New Insights
  • Consensus
  • Teamwork, Trust and Respect
  • Priorities
  • Action Plans 

Assessments require a research design which is tailored to your needs: call to discuss with a certified FMC consultant. 858-674-2400.