Club Roundtable

Club Industry Executive and Manager Roundtables

Meet with others who share your goals for success and have faced the challenges you have now. The Club Industry Roundtables are one of the most powerful and proven models for improving the success of club industry leaders and their organizations.

Learn what’s happening in the industry, have a team you can call on for advice anytime, get powerful no-nonsense input from others who walk in your shoes every day. And, have a world-class business expert and program facilitator as an added bonus.

The Program
Selected groups from non-competing organizations and competing organizations come together 3-4 times a year for 1 ½ -2 ½ days. They:

  • Share best practice ideas and programs that work
  • Present issues with a professional facilitator who provides insight on the problem and potential solutions
  • Take club tours to see the latest industry ideas in application
  • Have management training sessions on topics the group selects (e.g. branding, retention, driving referrals, managing contractors, advertising and PR, problem solving, cost reduction and control, getting the most from the Internet and your website)
  • Share information. Members bring and discuss data, materials, PR pieces on topics selected in previous meeting (e.g. training new employees, incentives for fitness professionals, or new equipment, software and program reviews)
  • Review financials, building plans and new club sites to get input
  • Leave the meeting with ideas and action plans
  • Report on progress. Members are held accountable by their RT colleagues

Roundtables are by invitation only. Applications for membership are now being taken.