Club Assessment

All of Faust Management organizational assessments are available in versions customized for the Club Industry. They can be used to gather information and provide you with insight into your organization as a discussion stimulator for a management meeting, a retreat, or as a key part of a comprehensive diagnosis and the launch of strategic planning or a serious turnaround project. When combined with a seminar/workshop that presents the data and team discussions that lead to understanding, consensus on priorities and action plans for the future, they are truly powerful. There are several assessment types and process options available to match your goals, time frame and budget.

Club Executive Insight:
A do-it-yourself organizational diagnosis. It looks like a game, it plays for real. With your team, identify the key issues in your organization, organize the issues by cause-and-effect relationships, identify the priority issues and learn how to build a plan for future success. Includes:

  • The Executive Insight Kit, Clue Cards and Board, worksheets and facilitator guide
  • Internet-delivered videos are used during the process to provide overview, explain concepts and processes