We thoroughly enjoyed having you at our 15th annual Business & Leadership Conference!  We received many rave reviews from your session – which carries even more weight than normal considering we put you on immediately after the most “emotionally exhausting” session we’ve ever thrown at our audience!  I heard from several people that you were the PERFECT presenter to follow-up to that opening session with not only your content, but your sense of humor and fun way of engaging the group.  So, an extra special thank you and kudos for pulling the group back together and creating such a lasting buzz!  🙂

We received a myriad of comments from attendees that the caliber of programming at this year’s event was the best it has ever been.  Thanks for helping make that possible!”

Katie Chism

General Manager & VP of Operations, NSCA

The clarity and insightfulness to which you delivered such a complex subject made the presentation so interesting. I think it is great when you can take a room of people and get them to laugh at their own characteristics.”

William Bartlett
President , Home ReBuilders

“Gerry’s energy and passion are what really stick in my mind. His message is clear. It is valuable. It is applicable. But above all, it is given with passion. He is a great speaker!”

Ken Blanchard
Co-author of The One Minute Manager

“My first impression of Gerry Faust was that he was a no-nonsense business leader who delivers a compelling presentation on leadership. That impression hasn’t changed over the past 20 years that I’ve know him. My second impression is that Gerry is a guy who truly cares about helping people succeed. He’s fun to be with socially and he has a brilliant mind that focuses with laser precision on the task at hand. He knows how to help businesses advance. And he’ll tell you the truth, even if it makes you uncomfortable at first. So, if you really need a breakthrough, go with Gerry Faust’s advice.”

Jim Cathcart
President & Founder, Cathcart Institute, Inc.

“Gerry is the consummate presenter. Not only is his style humorous and engaging, he delivers content of real value. He communicates insights and practical processes that one can build a management system upon. I know- because I have.”

Greg Lappin
General Manager, Rochester Athletic Club

“I am CEO of The Aspen Brands Company and we just finished strategic planning with Gerry Faust who is one of the premier speakers with Vistage, serves on several boards, and has significant experience with organizational development with major companies. He initially did some analysis of where we are in the business life cycle and uncovered some significant areas for immediate development. He has vast experience in strategic planning and we had guidelines for the preparation in which a lot of the company was involved and we now have the best strategic plan I have seen since running The Aspen Brands Company. My entire executive team also agreed it was the most productive process they had been through and many of them have been through quite a lot.”

Jennifer Fallon
President, The Aspen Brands Company

“Here’s to you for an outstanding job with your presentation! Your ability to handle a large audience is excellent. You captured them in the first 10 minutes of the first day and had them in control for the entire program. The agents laughed and cried the entire three days! I think you really made a difference in their lives!”

Melinda McKenzie
Meeting Planner, Insurance Marketing Services

Your wit, lively and entertaining style, and solid research and scholarly base combine to make your presentations models of superb executive teaching. That is the way the class members assess you too; your ratings have been unbeatable over the years. UCLA’s success in executive education owes much to your participation.”

Dr. Victor Tabbush
Director of Executive Programs, University of California Los Angeles
Anderson Graduate School of Management

“I must say that never in my lifetime did I ever think that I would be mesmerized by someone telling me where the ‘rock’ was!
Your presentation was the most captivating, interesting, amusing, valuable piece of information that was ever presented to a conservative group of financial wizards.
You were truly delightful!”

Julie Ellerman
Home Federal Savings and Loan Association

“I am not alone in my praise for Gerry Faust. This is what attendees had to say: ‘Best part of the conference—Gerry Faust.’ ‘Excellent plus!’ ‘Great!’ ‘Fantastic, Funny, Fun!’ ‘Powerful Management Energy!’ ‘Provided stimulating ideas with practical approaches.’ ‘He is always great; lots of good, inspiring info!’ ‘Great speaker, very motivating!’ ‘Excellent and dynamic as always – keep him coming back!’ Thank you, thank you for ALL you give to our conferences.”

John McCarthy
Former Executive Director, International Health Racquet Sport Assoc.



TCCS Testimonial  – Clark Gilbert, Superintendent – Tri-City Christian School

I just held my PG vertical meeting. I talked a lot about what we worked on during our strategy sessions with you and have begun building a working platform with the managers based on a quote I took from you during the most recent session: “You want to create a culture of high performance that is a great place to work for high performers and an atrocious place to work for poor performers.”

I gave you the attribution and the managers were very happy to remember the presentation you gave at a managers’ meeting in 2011. They remembered quite a lot about your material. It was spontaneous and engaging. I thought you would enjoy knowing that.”

Susan Wright-Boucher
Vice President, The Placement Group

“Gerry has had more influence in developing my career as a consultant to professional service firms than anyone else. I owe almost all of my methodology to what I learned over a five year period when I worked with Gerry and Executive Insight. He is, without question, a giant in the consulting experience – everyone should hear Gerry at least once to absorb his vast experience and his outstanding ability to communicate the essence of management, leadership and change energy. Now, as a leading consultant to accounting firms in the UK I have no hesitation in acknowledging the major influence Gerry has had. He is a star who I trust continues to light up the lives of all those who aspire to grow their business.

Mark Lloydbottom
Consultant, Mark Lloydbottom Consulting, UK


“Gerry was an advisor to my Board of Directors and my executive team while I was at NextChoice. After I left NextChoice, he and I stayed in touch and I had several opportunities to work with him on different projects. I have always been impressed with Gerry’s commitment towards identifying critical issues and towards developing and executing strategic and tactical plans that achieve maximum results for his clients. He is a straight shooter; takes action and provides his client with a rich blend of experience in strategic and operational management. I enjoyed working with him and would recommend him for his ability, positive energy, and his executive coaching expertise.”

Justin Anthony Nguyen
Chairman, President & CEO, NextChoice


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have inspired an entire organization and we intend never to forget “the rock.” Your imagery was superb! I don’t think anyone will forget the PAEI language. It’s not often that someone enters and exits your life as quickly and creates as significant an impact as you did. Congratulations on creating a “Magic Moment” for us!

Annette Reisburg
President, HQ Business Center of Southern California


“The impressions made on me are as strong today as they were immediately after the meeting. On frequent occasions, with friends or business associates, I find myself trying to give them the benefit of your day long presentation in a few minutes. I have to admit your style—enlightening, encouraging, challenging and entertaining—is required to ensure an everlasting impact. In all cases my patient listeners have said they wish they could have been there. A strong impact indeed!”

John W. Rankin




“It’s about time we had a resource that goes well beyond today’s managerial philosophies and values of responsibility, reliability and dependability. Responsible Managers Get Results has brought us back to what really matters in getting results and productivity in today’s business environment. Bravo for a job well done.”

Dr. Tony Alessandra
Author ofThe Platinum Rule