Faust Management’s organizational assessment tools are based on proven business concepts and models. They are the result of a long-term search for variables and models that have predictive value and experience that validates that predictive value. Each assessment not only provides scores on various variables but also identifies issues, high-value opportunities and strengths of the organization, clarifies key cause/effect relationships between issues.

Assessment Tools/Processes:

Executive Insight: Determine your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and their cause/effect relationships. Compare results from different parts of the organization on a number of scores including life-cycle position, warning factors and future success predictors. FMC consultants will prepare a detailed report of results and, if you wish, conduct a seminar/workshop to review the data and help you create an action plan to address the priority issues. Or you can use instructional videos and leader’s guide to conduct your own discussion and action-planning session.

Call to get help on design of data collection and to customize the process to your needs.

Life-Cycle Assessment: A web-delivered computer-scored assessment. Identifies precisely where an organization is in its life cycle, life-cycle warning scores and identifies issues that are driving the current life-cycle position and those which need to be addressed to continue or return to the path to Prime. A perfect way to bring the life-cycle concept to your team. Complete with Dr. Faust’s videos that explain the life cycle and a manual for leading a discussion of your life-cycle position and what it means to your organization.

Comprehensive Organizational Assessment: A tailored organizational assessment including interviews of key personnel, review of company financials and key elements, integrated with web-delivered Executive Insight and Life Cycle Insight assessment. Includes scores on 11 Future Success Predictors, Comprehensive report and facilitated session to present the data and its interpretation, identify priority and develop consensus on action plans to facilitate the drive to Prime.